Jill Scott Weight Loss

Jill Scott Losing Weight and Looking Fabulous

Jill Scott Weight LossJill Scott is a Grammy-winning singer and actress.  She has long been known for her voluptuous figure.  This is something that many of her fans that struggle with their weight could identify with.

Over the last couple of years though Jill has lost a significant amount of weight though.  She is now sporting a 63 pound smaller figure.  Does this make it harder for her fans to identify with her?

We don’t think so.  In fact we think that her transformation gives hope to the masses of us that have long struggled with their weight.  We can lose weight!

Jill Scott Weight Loss Method

There is no secret diet or a Weight Watcher’s Contract like Jessica Simpson had.  When Jill’s son was born she realized that her weight was a health risk and she wanted to be around as long as possible to experience life with her son.

Jill’s Diet

Scott’s diet consisted of three low fat meals and two healthy snacks every day.  Don’t be disappointed at the simplicity.  In another post we did the math for you on what cutting just 100 calories per meal will do for you over a year.  It worked out to about 30 pounds.  Jill Scott lost her weight over a two year period.  Hmmm…do we have your attention now?

Jill Plan

The Workout

Jill not only adjusted her diet to be healthy but she incorporated exercise with her personal trainer.  She keeps it simple and fun exercising 3 days per week for about an hour.

Her favorite workout is biking outdoors with her son.  She also incorporates boxing, and weight training.  The keys to success are to keep it fun to stay consistent.


jessica simpson

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson Losing Weight and Looking Great!

jessica simpsonHow did Jessica go from that trim body sporting those Daisy Dukes to a plus sized lady?  Well, kids will wreak havoc on your body.  She is back to looking better than ever though.  So what was the secret to Jessica Simpson’s weight loss transformation?

She says she didn’t gain as much after her second child was born but she still had some weight to lose.  Jessica Simpson used the same plan that worked after her daughter was born.  She turned to Weight Watchers.

The key to her success is that she doesn’t limit what she is eating.  Weight Watchers doesn’t restrict you from eating the food you want.  As long as you keep to your point totals for the day you can still have ice cream which is one of Jessica’s favorite indulgences.

Along with the healthy diet she is sticking to an easy to follow exercise plan with some resistance training and walking.  By having a long term goal she doesn’t get down on herself each day.  Knowing that within a few months she will achieve her goal lets her be happy with herself now.

One thing I find interesting is that Jessica’s weight has fluctuated over the years.  I know I have this same challenge myself so it is kind of refreshing to see a celebrity goes through the same weight struggles I go through.  If you’re interested in learning a little more check out these other articles.

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Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Loss Tips

Jennifer Hudson Weight LossJennifer dropped an incredible 80 pounds and went from a size 16 to a 6.  Those are some impressive changes.  Want to know how she did it?  We did too.  Turns out she followed Weight Watchers to earn her trim new body.

She used a couple of easy tricks like always having healthy snacks.  Fruit bowls are a great option here.  Many experts swear by not having bad food available.  Out of site out of mind.  If there is no candy bar but you have an apple you’re going to eat the apple and forget that you wanted a candy bar.

For exercise keep it fun.  I don’t know about you but I hate exercising.  Running to run has never been fun for me.  If I’m playing a game though I don’t even think about the running aspect.  This is one of Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss tricks too.

Great tips and easy to follow.  Thank you Jennifer.


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Matthew Mcconaughey Weight Loss

Matthew McConaughey Weight Loss

Matthew McConaughey Weight Loss to The Extreme!

What would you do for an Oscar?  Matthew McConaughey will risk his health to lose so much weight he actually looked like he was suffering from HIV.

He was by no means fat before he started.  McConaughey was a trim, fit 185 pounds before his weight loss.  By the time he was ready to start filming he was a mere 135 pounds.  Skinny, frail, and looking like the wind would blow him over.

An interesting aspect to this whole story was that McConaughey actually called Tom Hanks for advice on losing weight for the role.  I know, it seemed stragnge to me at first too until I thought about it.  Don’t forget Hanks dropped weight to play a man suffering from AIDS in Philadelphia and he also starred as our favorite man abandoned on a lonely island in Castaway.

What’s a little scary is Hanks was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and there are rumors that it could be due to his drastic weight fluctuations for his movie roles.  We certainly hope Matthew won’t suffer the same health risks.  There are health concerns with an extreme diet like this though.

McConaughey though says he thinks it was good for him.  He said the body is resilient and he thinks the drastic goal was good for him mentally and spiritually.

Are you surprised?  This is coming from the guy that likes to sit naked on the beach playing bongos.  Who doesn’t love Mathew McConaughey?


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