Man I’m Out of Shape

Fat Boy

That is about how I feel.  Chubby and embarrassed.  I’ve decided it’s time to shed my winter pudge.  What I didn’t realize before this week was just how ridiculously out of shape I was.  Time has a funny way of slipping by.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was in reasonably good shape.  I’ve never been a gym rat but I like to be active.  I played indoor soccer, floor hockey, flag football, softball, and lots of golf.  I have an office job but my extra curricular activities usually had me doing something active.

We All Have Excuses…Get Over It

A couple of years ago I messed up my knee pretty bad playing soccer.  Then I took a new job and moved.  80 hour work weeks gave me a nice florescent tan and an excuse to be a couch potato.  “I work hard so I deserve to sit here and do nothing”, was the excuse I told myself.  The result is that I am fatter than ever before and I either need to lose weight or buy new clothes.  I don’t want to buy new clothes.

I tried to go for a run.  That lasted all of 30 seconds before I thought I was going to die.  So, I relegated myself to brisk walking.  I was still insanely sore.  I thought I would step it up with some weight lifting today.  Yeah, I was the guy wielding the little 5 pound chrome dumbbells hiding in the corner.  I’ve been making excuses for 3 years.  It’s time to stop justifying being fat and out of shape, and do something about it.  If you can relate, join me.  It’s time to change.

Stick With It.  Everyone Starts Somewhere

I’m being a little self deprecating and hoping that people in my same situation will take comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone.  The simple fact is that we let ourselves get to this condition by making poor food choices and avoiding activity.

If you want to see your toes,  personally, I want to be able to tie my shoes without holding my breath, it’s time for a change.  We’re going to have to deal with a little embarrassment in the gym or on the jogging trail.  We will likely be the subject of some jokes about the fat guy/gal jiggling when they ran, or the ball of jello curled up in a ball on the corner of the gym floor crying in pain.  Accept that it is going to happen and move on.

The reality is that everyone starts somewhere.  If you stick with it the chuckles at the gym will turn into pats on your back when people see your dedication.  The jiggling will turn into muscle, and the smirks will become knowing smiles congratulating you on your hard fought journey.  We can either hide from embarrassment, or we can make a change and become what we always wanted to be.

Use Other People’s Weight Loss Success Stories as Inspiration

I try to post success stories here for motivation.  What one man can do another can do.  If Josh Peck can lose 100 pounds so can we.  It won’t happen overnight.  It will take some work, but we can do it.  I’ll keep you updated on my journey.  I’d love to hear about yours.



Ben Affleck Bulks Up for Batman

I must say I loved Christian Bale’s Batman. When I heard Ben Affleck was chosen as the next Batman I was disappointed. It’s not that I dislike Ben. He did a great job with Argo. He’s been in some good movies. He just doesn’t embody the character I know and love as Batman. Or, does he.

Pictures floating around the internet show that Affleck has taken his role extremely serious. He’s freaking huge. Look at those arms. Look at that chest. I must say I’m proud of him. It’s great to see that dedication. At the same time, I’m a little jealous. I want to look like that.

So, just how is he doing it? His wife wasn’t much help. All she told us was that he was on his second workout of the day and his biceps are now 17 inches. Impressive but we want more details than just that he’s doing 2 a days.

Reports from sources on the internet tell us that Matt Damon’s cousin Jamie Damon was hired to get Affleck in shape for the role. Jamie is a trainer at IPF or Institute of Performance and Fitness based near Boston. I’m sure they are getting a lot of traffic right now given all of the sightings of Ben Affleck sporting one of their t-shirts with his new 17 inch biceps.

This isn’t the first time Affleck has worked out with IPF. For his role in The Town there was a post on listing his entire workout.  We have nothing quite so detailed for his Batman workout but one thing is for sure. If you want to look like that, you have to put in the sweat at the gym.

Shaun T. Focus T25 Workout Review

We’re all busy.  Busy with work, school, kids, appointments, and family.  Who has time to workout?  I know the feeling all too well.  If you find yourself in this situation maybe it is time to take a look at a new kind of workout.

It’s easy to justify why you don’t have time for an hour long workout.  Even a 45 minute workout.  How about 25 minutes?  That is exactly the time required for the new Focus T25 Workout program.  Can you get in shape with just 25 minutes though?

Get in Shape with a 25 Minute Workout!

I’ve tried P90x and Insanity.  Both are amazing workout programs, but they are not for the faint of heart.  My biggest problem with them was suffering through fatigue and disappointment of not being able to keep up.

In one regard I think I just need to suck it up.  On the other hand, an hour and a half yoga workout was a bit much.

Now, with Focus T25 I just need to suck it up for 25 minutes.  I learned a long time ago, you can do almost anything for just 30 minutes.  This is what I tell myself, and it works.

The T25 workout isn’t easy.  Anything that is going to produce results like this is going to work you to your max.  But, remember you can do almost anything for 30 minutes.

About Shaun T

Shaun T. is the creator of the T25 workouts.  His other well known programs include Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, and Rockin’ Body.  You see, Shaun isn’t just a fitness expert.  He is a dancer, choreographer, and actor.

No one brings energy and fun to a workout the way Shaun does.  You’ll be having fun while right up until you feel like you are going to die because you are working so hard.  Does it get any better!

How the 25 Minute Workout Was Born

There is a rumor that the CEO of Beachbody was struggling to stay in shape with his busy schedule.  He just couldn’t get his workouts in unless they were less than 30 minutes.

Shaun delivered with a fantastic workout that wastes no time on pleasantries.  You will immediately get to work with non stop action for a short 25 minutes.  Lucky for us they decided to make the workouts available to the public.

What You Get with Focus T25

The Focus T25 Workout series comes with 11 DVDs.  Each DVD contains a different workout.  You will also get a nutrition guide, workout calendars, a quick start guide, and a 15 lb resistance band.  Not too shabby.

As with all Beachbody programs it comes with a money back guarantee.  They won’t refund your shipping but they will the purchase price and as a thank you for trying the program you will get to keep the resistance band and the Alpha Total Body Circuit workout and the Alpha Cardio workout for free.

Focus T25 Workouts

To get in shape in such a short workout it is essential to pack in all the blood, sweat, and tears of a 60 minute workout in just 25 minutes.  To do this Shaun uses focus interval training (FIT).  The premise of FIT is to work a specific muscle group to exhaustion or muscular failure.

Once one muscle group is exhausted it is time to move on to the next.  If you haven’t tried this yet you simply must.  It is the definition of simple but really hard.

T25 Phases

If you read through the T25 workout calendars you will see that it is broken up into phases.  This helps new or out of shape users build up their endurance.  There are two primary phases.

Alpha: Phase 1

The Alpha phases lasts for the first month and consists of 5 workouts.  It is an introductory phase and is easier than the next phase.  You will perform the workouts below.


The cardio workout DVD will burn off fat and help develop lean muscle.  It is made up of familiar moves that most people can perform.  The beginning is relatively slow and the intensity will build through to the end of the workout.

Ab Intervals

If you want a chiseled mid section this will do it.  The entire workout focuses on your core.  Your stomach will be sore for days.  In a good way of course.  You will burn fat, build muscle, and get a rock solid mid section.

Speed 1.0

The speed workout focuses on cardio and lower-body work performed at high speeds.  It is good for overall fitness.  The moves will require you to move quickly through plyometrics, agility exercises, stamina routines, and endurance moves.

Lower Focus

Most of the exercises in the lower focus are aimed at your thighs and glutes.  You will build lean muscular legs following this program.  Be warned though, don’t try to go for a run after you finish this.  You will have rubber legs immediately after.

Total Body Circuit.

The total body circuit is just what it sounds like, a total body workout.  You will be introduced to the exercises first.  After you make it through the circuit the first time Shaun T. will crank up the intensity for the second round.

Phase 2: Beta

After you complete the Alpha phase you will be ready for Beta.  It consists of another 5 workouts that you will perform for a month.

It is more challenging than the alpha phase.  The focus will shift from cardio to core strength.  The names of the workouts are Core Cardio, Dynamic Core, Speed 2.0, Upper Focus, and Ripped Circuit.

Core Cardio

Building on what you learned in Alpha Cardio the Core Cardio workout will increase the intensity.  The moves are more challenging, the music is faster, and you will be moving faster.

Dynamic Core

As you would expect the Dynamic Core T25 workout targets your midsection.  Every muscle that makes up your core will get hit.  It moves beyond sit-ups and crunches incorporating complex moves that provide variety and burn calories.

Speed 2.0

In this workout you will complete 3 interval rounds 3 times.  The exercises consist of speed and agility moves like cross jacks, low kicks, and lunges.  It is a very high intensity workout that will get your heart rate up and the sweat pouring.

Upper Focus

Targeting the chest, back, and shoulders the Upper Focus workout will help you build muscle in your upper body.  Expect to do burpees, push ups, squat rows, and other workouts for the upper body.  There are no weights required.  You will use your own body weight to get results.

Ripped Circuit

Just like the total body circuit expect the ripped circuit to push you to new extremes.  It targets your whole body.  You can expect burpees, deadlifts, squats, and other exercises that Shaun T. dreamed up to take your Focus T25 workout to a new level.

Top Weight Loss Patch Reviews

The Best Diet Patch to Lose Weight Fast Today

If you want to drop some pounds fast consider trying out one of these nifty patches.  You can even get a free trial to try my favorite diet patch today.

These slimming solutions are some of the best diet patches.  I know you are asking do these weight lost patches really work?  Is it a scam?  Why don’t you use the trial to try it for yourself.

Josh Peck weight loss surgery

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Weight Loss Surgery New Jersey: it is important to take out all the extra fat from the body which making look bad and you loose all your confidence as well, all the hospital providing these services working on Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) department that offer all varieties of Laparoscopic surgeries like Bariatrics, Gallbladder, Hernias, and Gastric and colonic surgeries. They provide you best surgical facilities and services to avoid after effects of surgery like infection etc.

Gastric Bypass New Jersey: These hospitals are luxuries and comfortable hospital with facilities like pneumatic tube system, HVAC, Purified water system, PACS, Telemedicine, Track and trace system using RFID and fully covered under Wifi Zone. Most special thing about this hospital is that cater to all primary, secondary and tertiary Medical/Surgical care needs. Life is beautiful and every one should enjoy it but having that heavy body it get difficult for you to enjoy every bit and obesity bring many problems like blood sugar, hypertension, spinal problems, obesity, back pain.

Josh Peck Weight Loss

How did Josh Peck lose all of that weight? Remember the chubby kid on the Nickelodeon sitcom? He’s not that chubby little guy anymore. I know, I loved the rollie pollie Josh too, but I have to admit he looks great now.

Josh is a smart guy. He didn’t try to make these changes on his own. He hired a personal trainer to help him develop a healthier lifestyle. Josh says he realized that he would be happier being a healthier person.

He also realized that because of his celebrity status with kids what he did could have a major impact on his fans. This helped give him motivation to change, lose weight, and be a better role model.

Josh began his transformation journey in 2006. It is reported that he lost 110 pounds by working out with his personal trainer and eating healthier.

Because Josh Peck’s weight loss is so dramatic there are many rumors circulating that he had surgery to achieve these results. So far we haven’t found anything to substantiate that. It seems that he did it with good old-fashioned hard work and self-control.

I’ve looked and looked for more information about his secret. It would seem thought that there may not be one.

Jill Scott Weight Loss

Jill Scott Losing Weight and Looking Fabulous

Jill Scott Weight LossJill Scott is a Grammy-winning singer and actress.  She has long been known for her voluptuous figure.  This is something that many of her fans that struggle with their weight could identify with.

Over the last couple of years though Jill has lost a significant amount of weight though.  She is now sporting a 63 pound smaller figure.  Does this make it harder for her fans to identify with her?

We don’t think so.  In fact we think that her transformation gives hope to the masses of us that have long struggled with their weight.  We can lose weight!

Jill Scott Weight Loss Method

There is no secret diet or a Weight Watcher’s Contract like Jessica Simpson had.  When Jill’s son was born she realized that her weight was a health risk and she wanted to be around as long as possible to experience life with her son.

Jill’s Diet

Scott’s diet consisted of three low fat meals and two healthy snacks every day.  Don’t be disappointed at the simplicity.  In another post we did the math for you on what cutting just 100 calories per meal will do for you over a year.  It worked out to about 30 pounds.  Jill Scott lost her weight over a two year period.  Hmmm…do we have your attention now?

Jill Plan

The Workout

Jill not only adjusted her diet to be healthy but she incorporated exercise with her personal trainer.  She keeps it simple and fun exercising 3 days per week for about an hour.

Her favorite workout is biking outdoors with her son.  She also incorporates boxing, and weight training.  The keys to success are to keep it fun to stay consistent.


Jessica Simpson 2009 – How did she lose weight?

Jessica Simpson has certainly piled on the pounds over Christmas and unveiled a much curvier look onstage at a country music concert in Pembroke Pines, FloridaBack in 2009 we saw crazy headlines and hype about Jessica Simpson gaining weight.  It was all over the tabloids.  I felt bad for her.  It didn’t last long though.  Let’s take a look back at Jessica Simpson’s weight loss 2009.

She was on tour with Rascal Flatts at the time.  I know myself when I travel for work I have a hard time sticking to a strict diet.  I couldn’t imagine being on tour and living from a tour bus.

The travel and touring took its toll on her and a few unsightly pics started circulating.  The media sharks did their thing and the next thing you knew Jessica was painted as overweight.

It didn’t last long though as you can see from pics of Jessica Simpson’s weight loss in 2009.  Her diet at the time was simple.  She stayed away from white wheat and flour sticking to whole grains.  Protein was the basis for her meals. Mix in 30 minutes of resistance training six times a week and she was back looking better than ever.

It sounds too easy.  The secret is consistency.  Think about it.  How much weight did you gain in the last year?  If you gained 2 pounds a week you put on 24 pounds without even noticing.  You did this by consistently eating just a little too much each meal.

If you watch what you eat and exercise regularly over the long term you too will see great results.  What’s better than losing 25 pounds without even really putting that much effort in?

If you need a little more oomph in your diet you might want to checkout this plan.  It’s generating quite a bit of buzz right now.


Want to see more Celebrity Weight Loss Stories?

jessica simpson

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson Losing Weight and Looking Great!

jessica simpsonHow did Jessica go from that trim body sporting those Daisy Dukes to a plus sized lady?  Well, kids will wreak havoc on your body.  She is back to looking better than ever though.  So what was the secret to Jessica Simpson’s weight loss transformation?

She says she didn’t gain as much after her second child was born but she still had some weight to lose.  Jessica Simpson used the same plan that worked after her daughter was born.  She turned to Weight Watchers.

The key to her success is that she doesn’t limit what she is eating.  Weight Watchers doesn’t restrict you from eating the food you want.  As long as you keep to your point totals for the day you can still have ice cream which is one of Jessica’s favorite indulgences.

Along with the healthy diet she is sticking to an easy to follow exercise plan with some resistance training and walking.  By having a long term goal she doesn’t get down on herself each day.  Knowing that within a few months she will achieve her goal lets her be happy with herself now.

One thing I find interesting is that Jessica’s weight has fluctuated over the years.  I know I have this same challenge myself so it is kind of refreshing to see a celebrity goes through the same weight struggles I go through.  If you’re interested in learning a little more check out these other articles.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss 2009

Jessica’s Weight Loss 2010

Jessica Loses Weight in 2011



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